10 Of The Hardest Product Management Questions Google Will Ask In A Job Interview


Google is known for being one of the most challenging and exciting places to work, so it’s not surprising to learn that getting a job there is no easy task.

Out of the 4 common types of product management questions, Google especially love to ask product vision and estimation questions.

I went through recent posts on Glassdoor to find some of the toughest interview questions candidates have been asked.

Here are the top 10 hardest questions:

  1. If you host a celebrity website which displays ads and suddenly notice a drop in traffic to your site/clicks on ads, how do you root cause the issue?
  2. Estimate how much it would cost to put wifi in San Francisco  
  3. How many hotels are there in the US  ?
  4. You have a grocery delivery service (similar to Amazon Fresh) which delivers food within 24 hours. Estimate how many trucks you need to operate this service.
  5. Choose a consumer product. You have unlimited funds. What’s your strategy?
  6. Describe something that you disagreed with executive management on and how did you convince them to change their mind
  7. The NBA championships are about to happen and you produce merchandise showcasing the winning team–but, you don’t know which team that will be. What do you produce and how much do you produce to dress the stadium visitors with merchandise?
  8. Choose a city and estimate how many Piano Tuners operate a business there
  9. Tell us about your 3 favorite unknown android applications. Why?
  10. How much storage space do you need to store all the info from Google Maps


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