I offer private coaching sessions over Zoom.

Interview Prep | You’ve landed the interview, now what? Get insightful, constructive feedback and actionable advice with my one-on-one, real-time mock interview sessions. You’ll enter the interview with more confidence and greatly increase your chances at landing that 6 figure job offer.

New Job Onboarding | The first 3 months of a your new job can make or break your career. Whether you’re starting a new role in an early stage start-up or an established corporation, I can help you navigate through the 90 day probationary period by being your personal coach. I’ll help you establish credibility from day 1 and give you feedback on your work so you can build yourself as the PM rockstar of your team.

Design Consultation | Instead of wasting millions of dollars building the wrong features or the wrong user experience, I can help you cut through the noise and guide you to build the right features that your users will love.

Keynote Speaker | Call me crazy, but I really like public speaking. My goal is give the BEST keynote the audience has ever heard. No exceptions. When the setting is less formal, I interact with the audience during my talk.