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“I’ve taken a few different Product Management courses, and this is by far the most comprehensive and helpful. Charles does a great job walking through all the important qualities of successful Product Managers and structures it around building and testing a product.”Mazen Asaad

What You’ll Learn

Learn the day-to-day responsibilities of a Product Manager. I’ll teach you step-by-step the skills, processes, and tools needed to become a rockstar Product Manager. You’ll leave the course with a product portfolio that you can use to confidently interview and land the job. Learn at your own pace with on-demand video and get hands on help with my 24/7 Q+A forum. You’ll learn how to immediately exceed expectations as a PM and set yourself up to get promoted.

  • Learn core skills that make up the entire Product Management process (ideation, market research, competitive analysis, personas, wireframing, prototyping, user stories)
  • Become an Agile Product Owner and learn how to use industry-standard tools like Pivotal Tracker, Axure, and Popplet
  • Discover the secret method behind how Apple creates laser-focused products
  • Build your product portfolio with 10 step-by-step exercises that will take your product idea from concept to spec
  • Polish your PM resume so you stand out from the pack
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at case studies like the NASA app (10+ million downloads), Ticketmaster ($3 million in sales per day), and Dropbox ($5 billion valuation)
  • Analyze the market landscape, discover weaknesses in your competitors, spots trends that will hyper-grow your product
  • Quickly test and validate your product idea over a weekend
  • Effectively lead developers / designers and manage stakeholders by understanding their needs and learning how to earn their trust
  • Hack the Product Management interview process and get hired

Your Instructor

Charles Du designed NASA’s first iPhone app (10+ million downloads, 2+ million hits per day, NASA’s Software of the Year Award), Ticketmaster’s mobile apps ($3+ million in sales per day, 2 patents), and the Airbnb for cars (Techcrunch Disrupt Award, 1 patent).

He has taught Product Management to 5,000+ students world-wide (US, India, Nigeria, South Korea) and have led workshops at 20+ education institutions (Stanford, General Assembly, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Singularity University).

Charles’s students have landed offers and interviews from Google, Uber, Facebook, and Yelp.

The stuff I teach comes from designing award-winning products and leading high-performing teams at

“I don’t know how I worked on products before this. It’s bizarre how blind and process-less I was before, often wasting tons of time. This is a very thorough course that will help me immensely.”Carlos La Borde

What’s Included

Hours of On-Demand HD Video
Product Management Worksheets
PM Interview Questions




24/7 FORUM



Section 1       Introduction
Lecture 1       Introduction
Lecture 2       What is Product Management?
Lecture 3       Start Brainstorming Ideas
Lecture 4       Exercise Worksheet – Brainstorm Using Popplet
Lecture 5       Tips for Navigating the Course
Lecture 6       A Day in the Life of Product Manager

Section 2       The Product Development Process
Lecture 7       Recap of Section 1
Lecture 8       The Product Life Cycle Part 1 – Development, Introduction, Growth
Lecture 9       The Product Life Cycle Part 2 – Maturity, Decline
Lecture 10     The Product Development Process
Lecture 11     Waterfall Development vs Agile Development

Section 3        How to Make Money – Freelancer
Lecture 12     Recap of Section 2
Lecture 13     Why Do Products Fail?
Lecture 14     How to “Discover” Your Product
Lecture 15     Learn the Tool – Refine Your Product Idea with a NFB Table
Lecture 16     Exercise – Find the Problem and Identify the Pain
Lecture 17     Exercise Worksheet – Find the Problem and Identify the Pain
Lecture 18     Discover Hidden Product Insight by Interviewing Users
Lecture 19     Exercise – Interview Your Users
Lecture 20     Exercise Worksheet – Interview Your Users

Section 4        How to Make Money – Entrepreneur
Lecture 21     Recap of Section 3
Lecture 22     Learn the Tool – Use SWOT Analysis to Understand the Market Landscape
Lecture 23     Exercise – Do a SWOT Analysis on Dropbox
Lecture 24     Exercise Worksheet – Do a SWOT Analysis on Dropbox
Lecture 25     Compare Answers – Do a SWOT Analysis on Dropbox
Lecture 26     Make Your Product Stand Out by Doing a Competitive Analysis
Lecture 27     Discover How Big Your Opportunity is by Sizing the Market
Lecture 28     Exercise Worksheet – Size the Market
Lecture 29     Accelerate Your Product’s Growth by Spotting Key Trends

Section 5        Case Study – The NASA App
Lecture 30     Recap of Section 4
Lecture 31     The Ideation Process of the NASA App
Lecture 32     How I Pitched the NASA App Idea to Stakeholders with a Vision Deck
Lecture 33     Lesson Learned – The Importance of Driving Vision
Lecture 34     Product Teardown – NASA App Class vs NASA App Modern

Section 6        Building Empathy to Relate to Your Users
Lecture 35     Recap of Section 5
Lecture 36     Learn the Tool – Build Empathy by Making Personas
Lecture 37     Common Mistakes When Making Personas
Lecture 38     Video Story as Personas
Lecture 39     Exercise – Make a Persona
Lecture 40     Exercise Worksheet – Make a Persona
Lecture 41     Learn the Tool – Build Empathy by Making an Empathy Map
Lecture 42     Exercise – Create an Empathy Map
Lecture 43     Exercise Worksheet – Create an Empathy Map

Section 7       Testing and Validating Your Product Idea
Lecture 44     Recap of Section 6
Lecture 45     Introduction to Lean Product Design
Lecture 46     Test Your Product Hypothesis by Designing Experiments
Lecture 47     Test by Smoke Selling
Lecture 48     Test by Making a Product Demo Video
Lecture 49     Test by Using the Concierge Method
Lecture 50     Why It’s More Important to be Data Informed than Data
Lecture 51     Exercise – Test Your Product Hypothesis
Lecture 52     Exercise Worksheet – Test Your Product Hypothesis

Section 8        Shaping the Product
Lecture 53     Recap of Section 7
Lecture 54     How Apple Creates Laser Focused Products
Lecture 55     How to Create a Feature Backlog
Lecture 56     Learn the Tool – Manage a Feature Backlog Using Pivotal Tracker
Lecture 57     Exercise – Create a Feature Backlog
Lecture 58     Exercise Worksheet – Create a Feature Backlog Using Pivotal Tracker

Section 9       How to Make Beautiful Wireframes
Lecture 59     Recap of Section 8
Lecture 60     Introduction to Wireframing
Lecture 61     Exercise Worksheet – Download and Install Axure
Lecture 62     Learn the Tool – How to Wireframe Using Axure – Part 1
Lecture 63     Exercise Worksheet – How to Wireframe Using Axure – Part 1
Lecture 64     Learn How to Save Time Using Masters
Lecture 65     Lean the Tool – How to Wireframe Using Axure – Part 2
Lecture 66     Exercise Worksheet – How to Wireframe Using Axure – Part 2
Lecture 67     How to Use Wireframes and Prototypes Effectively During Development
Lecture 68     Make Your Product Super Intuitive Through User Testing
Lecture 69     Exercise – Create an Interactive Prototype for Your Product Idea
Lecture 70     Exercise Worksheet – Create an Interactive Prototype

Section 10     How to Write Great User Stories
Lecture 71     Recap of Section 9
Lecture 72     Introduction to User Stories
Lecture 73     What Are the Qualities of Great Stories?
Lecture 74     Exercise Worksheet – Write User Stories for Your Product Idea
Lecture 75     Prioritize Stories Using Assumption Testing
Lecture 76     Prioritize Stories Using the MoSCoW Method
Lecture 77     Prioritize Stories Using the BUC Method
Lecture 78     Estimate and Size Stories

Section 11     Product Management Leadership
Lecture 79     Recap of Section 10
Lecture 80     Introduction to Product Management Leadership
Lecture 81     How to Lead Developers
Lecture 82     How to Lead Designers
Lecture 83     How to Manage Stakeholders

Section 12     How to Get Multiple Product Management Job Offers
Lecture 84     Recap of Section 11
Lecture 85     What’s the Process of Getting to the Job Offer?
Lecture 86     Write a Killer Resume
Lecture 87     Exercise – Upgrade Your Resume
Lecture 88     Exercise Worksheet – Upgrade Your Resume
Lecture 89     How to Ace a Product Management Interview

Section 13     Bonus Section
Lecture 90     Bonus Lecture: What’s Next for You?

“I’m a Software Development Manager. Not being a Product Manager myself, I took this course out of curiosity. I was amazed at the amount of activities that mapped into my day-to-day work. Going through this course has given me the insight on how to sharpen up my work in a more structured and effective way. it has also connected the dots between the numerous activities that I do and helped me to identify parts that are missing or need more focus.”Wymoi Rana

“I like the thoughtfully structured course delivered by the instructor. The instructor really takes the course seriously. There are many photos, PPTs, and video clips which helped me understand the content better. His first hand Product Management experience allows the tasks in the course to be designed relevant and practical. Highly recommended!”Lulu Wang

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Lectures + Worksheets

Priority access to all 90 lectures with on-demand video, worksheets, and Q+A forums. Get the same curriculum as a 8-week in-person class. Includes 14 exercises and worksheets that take you step-by-step through the entire product development process. Deliverables include idea map, personas, empathy map, feature backlog, flow diagram, wireframes, user stories. 
Value $6,000

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Bonus #1: Community

Private access to the best Slack community for aspiring Product Managers. You’ll gain unlimited insight, inspiration, and feedback on your ideas from a group of friendly and approachable PMs. Get first dibs on dream Product Manager jobs. 
Value $1,200

Bonus #2: Group Coaching

Get invited to free, exclusive webinars to help you continuously grow beyond the course. Topics include How to Prioritize features, Product Reverse Engineer, and more. 
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Total value of The Complete PM Course: $10,800

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Lifetime access to 90 lectures (on-demand, HD video)

Lifetime access to online community

14 PM Worksheets

90 PM interview questions

2 resume templates

Invitation to exclusive group coaching

Access on web and mobile

30 day money back guarantee

24/7 Forum

Certificate of completion


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“A must-watch for all dreaming of a Product Management career! All the lectures are very clear, informative, straightforward and relevant. Great job, Charles Du”Anastasija Zolotva
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So there’s no worry about attending live. No need! You get to go at your own pace! You lucky devil.

No. Most of my peers + managers don’t have a technical background. Product vision, execution, and leadership are more important skills to have as a Product Manager.

This course will help you save time and pain by focusing on the right skills to develop.

1. Flow diagram tools
2. Wireframing tools
3. Project Tracking tools

You’ll learn each of these tools in the course.